The baby geese are very old, long before the baby duck. There are traces of its upbringing 4,000 years before Christ in the city of Memphis. Which shows the successful domestication of them.

The goose is a bird of the branch of the ducks, which are birds that usually migrate, that usually live around the water. Ducklings have the peculiarity that at birth they take the first figure they see as their mother, which is why incubation is not recommended, although this is something that they carry very well. The mother goose has a very strong maternal instinct.

What does the goose eat?


In its wild state, the natural food of the geese is grass, grain, and forage in general; they need a lot of fiber in their diet. Their digestive system is faster than that of other birds.

In general, geese are basically herbivorous and grazing birds. They also need to eat small stones and grains to aid digestion and better assimilate nutrients; also for the contribution of calcium they need for proper maintenance and development of their skeleton. In their domestic state, they do very well to offer them different types of vegetables, fruits, and tubers, which will calmly devour all geese of any breed.

What about the bread?

As a carbohydrate, bread makes them gain weight, a condition that is harmful to reproductive geese. Although generally, the preferred food of all breeds of geese, is good grass and tender grass, especially heavy breeds. They like fresh alfalfa very much, it provides them with a large amount of the proteins and other nutrients they need in their diet, it is one of the most complete green foods and it suits them very well. It can also be offered in a dry state and goslings grow with it very well, and when they are used to it, it will be very difficult for them to do without it. They also love to eat dandelion, clover, wild lettuce, cabbage, and a variety of vegetables not treated with pesticides.

If you have the possibility and the climate allows it, the idea is to feed them with alfalfa, with which they will grow a lot and very strong, also from time to time you can add grains, already finishing, it is good to remember that you should not abuse the Bread, because we know that it is a food that they like a lot and it suits them well, excess of it is not very healthy for a healthy metabolism.

Among some genera of the Duck, the family is the ducks or ducks; geese, geese or geese; the yaguasas, the swans, the secrets, the eiders, the barnacles, the cauquenes, the poor ones, and the jars. In modern ages, its natural distribution covered practically the entire planet Earth, except for Antarctica. Goose, goose, and gosling! Hence the saying: “Goose, goose and gosling, three different things seem, but they are only one thing!”

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