How to fix a cracked screen with nail polish

Nowadays, a smartphone is available in everyone’s hands. Smartphones have various types of features with a big screen. Most smartphone screens get cracked in various ways. Then the smartphone user’s main headache is to fix it. There are also so many types of screens like computer monitors, tv, touch screen, etc. If they cracked then you can fix a cracked screen with nail polish.

Generally, smartphone screens have a technology. This technology protects the glass from broken off. And most of the time when the phone drop down it is about 3 to 4 feet above. As a result, often the screen gets cracked. And this crack is recoverable with household ingredients.

What ingredients do I need to fix a cracked screen?

Nail polish: To repair a cracked screen with thin nail polish is better because it can easily insert into the space between cracks. And never apply colorful nail polish it can reduce the screen transparency. So use transparent nail polish.

Clean rag: To clean dirt and other cracked piece from the screen surface you need a rag. You can also use tissue paper.

Flatten blade: Normal razor blade is too thin so it is difficult to use to cut off the spare part. And it can also cut off the screen surface where cracked. For this, you can use a little bit thick blade like a cutter blade. This type of blade is a little bit thick and it is easy to drive on the screen.

Screen cleaner: In the market, there are various types of screen cleaners. So if you want to clean a mobile screen then buy a mobile screen cleaner.

How to fix a cracked screen with nail polish

I’m sure you are surprised and a question is raised in your mind that how to fix a cracked screen with nail polish. Yeah, you can fix it with nail polish but if the screen shatters too much then this method isn’t for you.

Step 1: put off the glass protector from the screen

Step 2: Take a clean rag and remove the dust from the small glass piece

Step 3: If you have a screen cleaner then again clean the phone screen with a screen cleaner.

Step 4: Wait for 3 to 4 minutes to dry the screen

Step 5: Take a nail polish bottle and apply the nail polish to the cracked area

Step 6: After applying the nail polish wait 5 minutes to dry out

Step 7: Now take a flattened blade to cut off the extra layer on the screen

Step 8: And again apply the nail polish over the cracked area

Step 9: Then wait 5 minutes to dry it

Step 10: Take the blade again and cut off the spare part

Step 11: Repeat 5 to 10 steps for 4 or 5 times more

Note: Nail polish has some ingredients which are flammable. And also electronic devices have some ingredients which are sensitive. So if the screen is shattered too badly then don’t use the nail polish. Because that time nail polish can get access to go inside and then nail polish ingredients can get a scope to react with device materials. Keep reading iPhone consumes too much data traffic? Here because

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