Joining a club to make new friends and socialise is a great idea.

Maybe you have just moved to a new area of the country and don’t know many people yet, or you’re just looking for something new to do?  Perhaps joining a club that meets once or twice a month could be one way to meet new people and socialise with others who have similar interests.  If you are in the sad position where your partner has passed away and you are feeling low and a little anxious, then maybe by joining a local club you could start to relax more as you mingle and chat with others who may be in a similar position.  Whatever age bracket you are, you may want a club that offers practical, useful or active hobbies alongside tea and chat.  How about a tennis club, bowls, darts or skittles, these are just a handful of ideas but if you can’t manage the more active clubs then how about a group that uses Crochet Blanket Kits to make beautiful, practical blankets and cushions for themselves and others?  These great kits can be easily sourced from a company such as https://www.woolcouturecompany.com/collections/blanket-and-cushions-crochet-kits and there are many clubs that use these resources so that their members can sit, chat and crochet gorgeous items together.

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By joining a club, you will definitely meet new people and you may even make some great friends who you can get together with at other times as well as at club meetings. Just the idea that you are getting out of the house and going somewhere warm and friendly where you can share a cup of tea and chat will lift your spirits.  Talking to other human beings who are often going through similar health, family or money worries helps to lift the heavy burden of worry from your shoulders. If you are feeling low and have expressed your concerns to a family member, friend or even your doctor, they will no doubt all recommend that you get out and about and socialise with others.

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Don’t be shy, there will be others at the club who share your anxieties, so be brave, go along, have a giggle, chat and share with others, learn a new skill or enhance one you already enjoy.  By joining a club, you will have a great evening and pass the time doing something you enjoy.

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