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How to Eat Mango: Recipes, Tricks and Guide with Tips

Together with avocado, mango is a tropical fruit that has now firmly entered the hearts – and kitchens – of Italians. Sweet and pleasantly sour taste, soft or solid consistency depending on the level of ripeness, recipes with mango are the gourmet solution for these sunny days. But how to eat mango in different dishes and occasions?

Let’s start with the basics: to keep out of the fridge! Mango is neither easy to peel nor to cut ( although here you will find a short tutorial on how to cut mango ).

Eating a few slices “in purity”, for breakfast or as a snack, is always a very good idea. But there are many ideas and recipes for eating mango, both sweet and savory, to try your hand at. Ready? Street!

How to eat mango: in salads

Mango SaladHow to Eat Mango

First of all, mango is a perfect ingredient in salads. Here you will find the recipe for a refined lobster salad with mango, but the options are almost endless: the fruit goes well with prawns and seafood in general, its texture is enhanced by dried fruit (peanuts in primis ) and is a good companion for avocado. An ingredient much loved by Thai cuisine, where recipes with mango abound, it is a fruit that tastes of summer and is very good (also) for tanning.

Mango chutney

How to eat mango? An Asian recipe to try at least once in a lifetime is Mango Chutney. Raisins, vinegar, sugar, shallots, and spices (ginger, cumin, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, and chili): the sweet and sour and deliciously spicy flavor goes well with meat, fish, vegetables. Or eaten in spoons, straight from the jar, we won’t judge you, we promise.

Mango in saucesHow to Eat Mango

A recipe with mango, easy, quick, and very tasty is the mango sauce. Perfect to use as a dressing for salads, as a dressing for your sandwiches, or your second meat. Try this Spicy Mango Salsa recipe   and you won’t regret it

Mango in centrifuged

With the hot season approaching, mango becomes the star par excellence of recipes for smoothies and smoothies that are as sweet as they are refreshing. The Lassi is a traditional Indian recipe you plan to blend the mango with ice, cardamom, and honey. To garnish with mint and drink by the liter – or rather, by the hectoliters.

Mango in smoothies

A recipe in which mango meets candied cherries goes well with vanilla and gives the palate an enveloping sweetness. Perfect for a stylish detox evening with friends and Netflix, try this mango smoothie recipe for yourself. You will not regret it.

Mango in ethnic sweets: mango sticky rice

If the savory alternatives tempt you but don’t convince you completely, go on the safe side with the Mango sticky rice. Typical dessert of Thailand – where mango is at home – includes a base of rice, cooked with coconut milk and sweetened, and a topping of very fresh mango. Yes, that’s right, it’s one of those mango recipes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Fried mango ice creamHow to Eat Mango

We have already said that mango is a decidedly Thai ingredient, but what do you think of a nice Chinese fried ice cream with a lot of mango eggnog? A recipe with mango not really light, but luxurious at the right point with a fruity touch that will give you many culinary emotions.

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