Don’t overlook the cleanliness of your business exterior

Although people say not to judge a book by its cover, it’s something that we can’t help doing. When it concerns the exterior of your business, it’s even more important to make a good impression. You might have visits from the public, clients, an inspector or a potential recruit, so looking good and professional is of utmost importance. To keep the outside of your business looking ship-shape, you’ll want to take care of some housekeeping basics.

  1. Keep your paint in top condition

If your business frontage is painted. Paint chips and fades over time which leads to a ramshackle appearance. Faded paint looks uncared for, so if this isn’t the image you want your business to give off, hire a painter to give it a fresh coat roughly every 3 years.

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  1. Keep signage bright and visible

A broken sign, missing letters, chipped paint – all of these things will make your business look tired and shabby. Any signage should be clearly visible, loud and proud. A great sign shows you take pride in what you do. Be sure to give signs a monthly wash or regular paint top up to keep them pristine. Consider a Gloucester Office Cleaning company to keep on top of things.

  1. Clean the windows

There’s little that can be done about daily dust but just don’t let it accumulate for too long. If windows are left unwashed for too long, mould and grime will build up, leaving your business looking uncared for and grubby. Dirty windows are detrimental to staff too, affecting their morale and leaving them unable to benefit from as much natural daylight. Contact Intocleaning today for Gloucester Office Cleaning.

  1. Guttering

You might not think of guttering but if they become too badly blocked, they will look unsightly as well as presenting a flooding risk to the exterior of your property.

  1. Grounds maintenance

With so much focus on the daily business inside the building, the maintenance of the grounds often gets overlooked. It’s important to get the weeding done regularly and any gardens or seating areas are kept neat and tidy.

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Do first impressions really matter?

Yes. Studies conducted by the OIE Foundation discovered that 73% of 2500 people questioned would negatively judge a business with a poor exterior appearance. Those questioned also revealed that they would be less inclined to work with a business that had a shabby exterior and hadn’t looked after their property or grounds. That’s a high percentage who could be judging you down for neglecting your exterior. Before even meeting anyone associated with the business, potential clients and customers could be in a negative mindset before they even walk through the door.



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