SEO Principles

Writing good content for your blog is just one part of the job. You must adhere to certain SEO principles if you want to be found by search engines. Simple: The more you rank on search engines, the higher your site’s traffic will be.

  1. Make sure your pages are linked to each other

Your blog post may have dozens of links, but another page has only two. The lower-ranking page will struggle to rank on Google. Link equity is what you get when you link the page that has more backlinks with the lower page. This will help it rank higher. You don’t need to do all of this manually. WordPress, for example, has plugins that allow internal linking.

SEO principle to increase website traffic.

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  1. Old non-ranking articles

If you want to keep them, make sure that they are ‘noindexed’ so that they don’t negatively affect newer and better linked articles. For help with Web Design Swansea, visit

  1. Flatten it out

Site architecture is the way in which information is organised into pages, subpages, and links. You can choose between a flat or deep architecture. Search engines consider the top pages on deep sites more important because webcrawlers find the category pages first. If the main content on your site is located more than three clicks away from your homepage, then search engines won’t consider lower pages important, and may not index them. The more flattering your site’s architecture is, the better.

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  1. Learn your keywords

Consider the words people will use to search. Each page of your website should use keywords that are important to your company. Use the best keywords when creating your website pages. Google’s Keyword Planner can help you find popular keywords and the number of monthly searches for those words.

  1. Tag Images

Visuals play a major role in blogs and articles. Most sites heavily rely on visuals to create an impact. It’s amazing how few people tag their images. Google needs to know the type of image and how it is presented when it indexes your site. Google cannot identify images if they are not tagged.

  1. Google Work

It’s best to work with Google to improve your ranking, rather than using ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques. These techniques are designed to trick Google and boost rankings artificially. While you may notice temporary improvements, these won’t last and you could be penalised by Google. Organic SEO is about building a site that will be an asset for you, and continue to bring traffic to it.

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