An initial introduction to the exciting world of vacuum conveying.

Moving large amounts of an item is difficult at the best of times but when that item is a dry powdery substance then there are limited options that you can choose to move it. When we talk about dry and powdery we are think of things such as sugar and flour or dehydrated milk powder.  One of the best ways that industries use to move this material is via the vacuum conveyor method. In its most simplest terms, a vacuum conveyor systems uses a network of enclosed pipes that has air pushing it through the system. This is a clean air that pushes the powder out into a packing area ready for the substance to be shipped and packed up. One of the leading suppliers of Vacuum conveying is the company https://www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/vacuum-conveying/. They can supply and advise your company as to the best system to use.

What are the advantages of using this service?

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The first and main advantage is that the system is self contained and does not involve any moving parts. This makes it nigh on impossible for any powder to escape out into the manufacturing environment. Not only that, it also means that the powder cannot get into the atmosphere and be breathed in or become contaminated. This also works the other way and means that no dust can get into the system contaminating the food stuffs either. It’s not only food, the vacuum conveyor is also used for the movement of delicate pharmaceuticals as well. When the need for hygiene and care is of paramount importance then the vacuum conveying systems will always be the best option.

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One of the other beauties of the systems is that it is highly portable and easy to clean. As this is something that needs to be routinely done the fact that they can be cleaned easily is a big positive. All that needs to happen for the system to work is for the tubes to be attached to the powdery substances hopper. As the tubes are loaded a vacuum is created at one end, basically the air is removed and, as nature abhors a vacuum, it is immediately replaced with the contents of the hopper when the valve is released. Once the void is filled the second valves are released and the product falls into the storage area.

It provides a low risk of product loss, less chance of contamination and it is very efficient as it does not require huge amounts of energy to create the vacuum to move the product.

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