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5 foods you should never refrigerate

The vast majority of foods, from fresh to cooked are susceptible to being frozen. However, in some cases, it is not at all advisable to keep them in this place for various reasons. Do you want to know what foods you should not store in the freezer? Here are 5 foods you should never refrigerate.

Freezing food is a common practice in our society for several reasons: The saving of food, the conservation of leftovers or dishes that are prepared in larger quantities than we are going to consume, the prolongation of fresh foods, etc…. However, many of them can lose flavor or texture and even give some problem with food safety.

5 foods you should never refrigerate

Especially when it comes to freezing cooked food it is important that you store it inside an airtight container, eliminating as much air as possible. Otherwise, they may be damaged or softened due to the entry of moisture.

Next, we review 5 types of food that you should not keep inside your freezer:

5 foods you should never refrigerate

5 foods you should never refrigerate

  • Eggs: The place intended for conservation is the refrigerator and not the freezer. Without peel, the egg whites can be preserved for baking recipes. If you have a surplus and you do not fit in the fridge, use them for an omelet or sponge cake.
  • Boiled or stewed potatoes: They are a product that responds very badly to freezing. Although not going to sit badly, the loss of flavor of the potato is remarkable, as well as the change of texture, more undone and less pleasant.
  • Some seafood: While it is not recommended to freeze barnacles, there are shellfish that must be cooked before being frozen, as is the case of spider crabs, crabs and the like. They can be frozen in raw clams and other bivalves, as well as prawns and fresh prawns.
  • Vegetables to eat raw: It is very common to freeze vegetables that we will later cook, such as carrots, peppers or zucchini, for example. If the vegetable is intended to be consumed raw, as in a salad, it is not advisable to go through the freezer. They will lose much of their flavor and will remain soft and worn.
  • Milk and cheese: If it is for cooking, you can freeze the cheese in wedges or tacos. But if it is to eat directly, you will lose many of its properties. With regard to milk, it will be difficult to thaw the lumps and it is recommended that once opened, remain in the refrigerator. Depending on the type of cheese, some respond better to the refrigerator and others to room temperature.
  • 5 foods you should never refrigerate

Those were the 5 foods you should never refrigerate. It is also not advisable to freeze fruit, being more propitious to acquire fresh and seasonal fruit. In the case of doing so, it is best kept washed, peeled and minced.

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