3 Great Beard Looks for this year

At this point in time, it might be fair to say that “Peak Beard” – the period during which the resurgence in popularity of beards and facial hair is at its most pronounced – has been greatly overestimated in terms of the timeliness of its arrival.

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With Peak Beard looking like an increasingly unlikely scenario for the immediate future, men around the world are honing their facial hair to perfection, and many more are considering growing and maintaining their own beard for the very first time. Beards are set to remain big in 2019, so here is a look at three potential looks that are guaranteed to go down well this year. Take a look at the choices below and perhaps get yourself set to grow one in time for the Christmas party. As an aside if you are wondering what to do for Christmas, why not contact a Mobile Bar Hire Stroud company such as https://www.wearethemoversandshakers.com/ to come in and provide the drinks for your event.


This might seem like a joke entry, but the enduring popularity of stubble is not to be dismissed. After peaking in popularity around the mid-to-late-2000s, deliberate stubble has been slowly, quietly making a return after only a few years of cultural irrelevance. Now, a growing number of men are once again opting for managed or “designer” stubble of varying lengths and styles. Stubble may prove to be a popular choice for many would-be beard owners whose employment situations require beardlessness but would allow for a level of compromise. Besides, “Blurred Lines” was a lifetime ago and Robin Thicke is but a memory.

Long Hair and Beard

Another big look for 2019, but again one that is dependent on your employment status or having a suitably receptive boss or manager is the combination of long hair and a beard. Long hair and an equally impressive beard is a holdover from our seemingly-waning obsession with everything related to ‘90s fashion and pop culture that saw a bizarre proliferation of high-street grunge and forgotten styles that should have stayed that way.

Styled Beards

A styled beard is one possible compromise for those who don’t want a big beard but don’t like the idea of being clean-shaven or merely stubbly either. A carefully manicured beard may be the ideal solution for some as it is rugged and stylish but not controversial enough to trouble your employers. Short, styled beards are also ideal for men with uneven facial hair growth.

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