Black bathroom: furnishing tips, design ideas

Black color is one of the most mysterious and mystical, but at the same time, it always looks stylish and fashionable. Not only a small black dress but also a laconic black interior never goes out of fashion. True and you need to plan carefully. It requires professionalism and an impeccable sense of taste, so such a bathroom will enchant and attract attention. Dark and oppressive impressions are an outdated stereotype. Black has long been used as a winning base in most modern styles.

Finishes and materials

Black color is combined with any other shades and materials.

  • One of the strongest pairs in black and red. This is the embodiment of sensuality, which looks best in the bathroom. You can dilute a bold duet with white or beige. Black and white – a classic basis for any interior.
  • Black and gold or silver look prestigious and luxurious.
  • Unusual and extravagant – with yellow and orange.
  • Black smooths the childhood of pink, the activity of green or the cold of blue.

Black also allows you to safely experiment with textures. Various decorative plasters, mosaic tiles, natural stone, or its imitation fit perfectly into the bathroom. For spacious rooms, massive and powerful granite is suitable, for small rooms – classic glossy or matte tiles. Black paints do not fade. If necessary, it is easy to choose a similar shade. But black wallpaper is not the most common option, it is also not the most effective for a wet bathroom.

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When choosing materials for flooring, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the room. In the bathroom, this is a large amount of water and steam, constant temperature changes, and high humidity. Floor materials must not swell and deteriorate under such conditions. Therefore, tiles, natural and artificial stone, and some types of laminate are used. It is possible to equip a warm floor. In order not to slip, it is enough to put a special rubber mat in a bright contrasting shade. It will become an important emphasis on a dark background.

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The black color works as a background or as a separator. Against the background of the black walls, any other color accent looks much brighter. This allows you to create strong contrasts. By the same principle, luxury jewelry is often arranged on black velvet.

Black walls are suitable for large and spacious rooms with high ceilings. So they don’t press and don’t make an overwhelming impression. An important nuance is the maximum of light.

The walls can be simply painted, covered with decorative tiles or special panels, decorated with mosaics and inserts of natural stone.

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The glossy black ceiling is a bold and interesting solution, but it definitely requires space. For smaller rooms, it is better to limit yourself to gray or classic white. But, if the height allows, you can even create a real starry sky above your head by combining a deep dark sheen with spotlights.

Bathroom furniture

Black furniture is unique in that it combines with any wallpaper. You can dilute it with accessories or colored fabrics. For lovers of contrast, black and white cabinets are suitable. Dark glass doors, shelves, and accessories look interesting.

Black plumbing has stopped being a surprise. The main thing here is to choose it so that the shade and style completely coincide. Then the set will look harmonious. Lovers of luxury and classics will appreciate the elegant black marble bathroom.

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Decorations and lighting

The bathroom is always full of little things and accessories. These are bottles, towels and bathrobes, all kinds of jars and coasters. All of them can be kept in one style. There are whole sets of black glass and stone. The black fabric is also practical: it does not get so dirty and is easier to wash. A spacious room can be decorated with flower pots. The flowers look especially fresh against a black background, and the humidity and temperature of the bathroom allow you to keep exotic plants here that won’t survive in other rooms.

If the bathroom has windows, black curtains are a great option. These aren’t necessarily huge tents. A dense Roman blind is enough to completely isolate yourself from the outside world and remain alone with yourself.

Black always requires bright light to compensate. Since a lot of natural light is rarely found in the bathroom, the optimal solution is a complex multilevel system. The dim and calm light is suitable for the evening bathroom after a hard day’s work. In combination with a dark background, it helps to relax and unwind, relieve the head and eyes. But for household chores or all kinds of cosmetic procedures, bright light is needed, the main thing is not too sharp against a contrasting dark background. Mirror lighting looks especially elegant.

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Style choice for a black bathroom

The black color in the interior does not always look like drama. To be powerful and sustained, it is necessary to carefully observe the line and maintain balance. The black bathroom is fresh and original. It looks bold and unusual, and the vibe is radically different from the sterile hospital white. You can’t surprise anyone with the usual pale pastel colors, but deep black is a real challenge and a highlight of any apartment.

Black bathroom in a modern style

The modern style reflects the colossal leap in technological progress that is characteristic of our century. The designers are inspired by innovative computers, space flights, and surprising scientific developments. These are ultramodern materials, simple and clear lines, high-tech design. Functionality comes to the fore.

The modern style is in plastic, chromed steel, and glass. These are glossy black surfaces, a monochromatic palette, abandonment of natural materials and textures, multi-level spotlighting, and a minimum of decor. Built-in appliances and suspended plumbing systems.

Black bathroom in a loft-style

The loft is simple combined with functionality. Such bathrooms are simple, without unnecessary decorations. The loft is massive, with rough textures, open communications. Concrete, moisture-resistant, careless plaster, brick. The main thing is fewer things and more space.

The fittings can be artificially aged. Or vice versa, distinctly modern, in contrast with the untransformed walls. An interesting move is the brass accessories. Black ceilings are rarely used in a loft that requires space. There is no need to hide pipes and equipment, which can be an interesting decorative element.

Black bathroom in a classic style

Although there are more and more new styles, the classic style never becomes obsolete. This is always a winning indicator of the owner’s good taste. It is easily combined with other rooms and does not require that they all be designed in the same spirit.

The classic black bathroom is built on black and white contrasts. It is usually not sterile white, but milk, cream, or ivory. This allows you to smooth and soften the interior. This is especially convenient for the bathroom because it is not afraid of moisture. An alternative to granite and marble is an elegant black patterned tile.

An interesting move for a classic bathroom is an oval bathtub with copper elements. In a spacious room, a black marble bowl can also be placed in the center.

Black bathroom in the gothic style

It is better to reveal the black color in the interior of the Gothic style. Subtly combine other dark shades. On the contrary, light elements, for example, white ceilings with dark walls. The main thing is a slightly gloomy, but not depressing atmosphere.

The Gothic style is a kind of decadent, elegant, and refined environment. Classic Gothic, minimalism, and modern trends are mixed in an extravagant way. Feel free to experiment with different materials and cool textures – stone, glass, metal. And you can add modernity with brand new fixtures or trendy neon lights.

Black bathroom in Art Deco style

Art Deco is an unusual and modern style that begins at the origins of jazz modernism. Monumentality combines with lightness and modern trends – with African exoticism.

Art Deco in the bathroom is an abundance of glass, steel, and marble. The walls are shiny, light, with dark patterns. For example, with black ethnic ornaments. Repeated elements look good. These are large black and white marble slabs lined with intricate patterns. Art Deco actively uses black and white chess upholstery.

The plumbing is massive, with curved lines and streamlined shapes. It is usually made of acrylic and chromed steel. An important element is the huge mirrors in a chrome frame.

Small black bathroom

Matte black is not the best option for a small bathroom. So it will make a depressing impression and visually become even darker. Such a wallpaper works only with a very subtle selection of other interior objects based on the principle of compositional contrast.

But you can use black color differently. The correct play of accents is capable of unrecognizable changes in the perception of any room. The vertical black stripes visually raise the ceiling, while the horizontal stripes heighten the bathroom. All this allows you to experiment at your leisure. Better to take classic combinations: with white, beige, cream. Too catchy accents give the opposite effect.

Another secret is the mirrors. Fortunately, the bathroom has a large number of them. Mirrored doors or even the entire wall – it is not only convenient but also beautiful. Space becomes larger and more actively filled with light.

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