How to Use Elsa Speak Promo Code

On some occasions, we have said that studying another language today has changed for good thanks to technology. From mobile applications to interactive courses from the web, they are facilitating learning and practicing other words. Precisely, today, we are going to present an app with Elsa Speak promo code for improving our English.

How to Use Elsa Speak Promo Code?

ELSA Speak is a mobile application that allows the user who is learning to communicate in English, practice pronunciation in this language.

The operation of ELSA Speak is simple. In the course mode, it shows a series of texts for us to read to the application through the microphone. ELSA Speak will listen and analyze our pronunciation and can identify our weaknesses.

At the end of each reading, ELSA Speak will give us a report on the pronunciation areas in which we should improve. Many have problems pronouncing the letter r, or the sounds with th and w / v. By identifying our weaknesses, it will be possible to focus on them to practice them easily.

The course has different levels of difficulty as well as specific areas. The levels can be downloaded as we use them and each level tests different types of skills, not just the pronouncement.

Elsa Speak app

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ELSA Speak also has a way in which we can write a text in English, pronounce it and identify if we are reading it in the wrong direction. This is very useful if, for example, we are practicing reading a text in English.

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The interesting thing about ELSA Speak is that it keeps a complete record of our progress, allowing us to know if there is an improvement or if we should reinforce one area more than the others. Now, ELSA Speak offers a full trial version for seven days. Then we can continue using this application using the plans it offers that range from 31.99 dollars per year or 4.19 dollars per month.

They can download ELSA Speak for iOS or Android, use the free trial version and then decide if it is a tool that they will take advantage of if they pay for the PRO version.

To start using ELSA Speak, download it for free from the app repository of the operating system your cell phone has. Once you do, you must create an account that is also free. You can use your Facebook account or link it with an email.

The initial test

ELSA Speak will help you improve your English accent. It first requires an analysis of your current level. Therefore, it is first necessary to do that initial test.

This instance is a good time to configure your microphone. If you are using the app from your mobile phone, you can use the usual headphones, but if not, it is a good idea to look for a headset with a good microphone.

The initial test consists of reading a series of sentences. Upon completion, we will get the result of how well we pronounce.

ELSA Speak pronunciation

Remember that these results are based on automatic algorithms. There is not a person behind listening. For the same reason, we do not have to consider the effects of this app as absolute truth. It is just a tool.

With the initial test already done, the app will assign you a level and from there, our goal has to be to improve. For this, exercises similar to those of the initial test must be carried out. In some, you have to talk and in others, you have to listen to the pronunciation.

ELSA Speak topics

All these exercises are very visual and dynamic like small games where trivias are combined with audible multimedia material. As we solve these challenges, we accumulate points to be able to level up.

The app has an acceptable graphical interface and although at first, it can be chaotic, with the use, one ends up getting used to it. The app is free to install, but you also can use Elsa Speak promo code to unlock levels and lessons.

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