How to Choose a Marquee For Your Event

Marquee Hire Swansea allows you to host an event in a wide range of venues. They are the ideal solution for transforming a dull space into a magical environment that will be memorable for both you and your guests. There are numerous marquee styles available on the market, with different designs suited to a wide variety of events and locations.

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The first factor that will determine the size of marquee you need is your guest count. This will give the marquee hire company a rough idea of how many people you intend to accommodate and help them choose an appropriate size. Having a large enough space will prevent guests from feeling cramped and will ensure that everyone can dance, have fun, and enjoy the event.

Secondly, consider your seating arrangements. This will also affect the size of marquee you need as different seating arrangements require more or less space. Finally, consider any extras you want to include in your marquee, such as a DJ/Band area, bar, chill out area or catering tent. Find out more about Marquee Hire Swansea and visit Good Intents.

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Awnings and walkways are a gorgeous addition to any marquee style and can create an impressive entrance to your event. They are also a great way to provide shelter and protection from the sun for your guests.

Access to the site is important for marquee hire companies as they will need to drive their vehicles on to erect the marquees. It is also crucial that you advise them of any underground pipes or cables as this could cause damage during the installation process. You should also think about whether your chosen location is on a slope and how the marquee will be secured to the ground.

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