Car tips for summer: Keep your car cool at the hot season

We are at the gates of summer, and with it before the beginning of the period of most use of the car: vacations, trips to the countryside or the beach, visits to the villages, etc. These displacements, together with the hot weather, make it one station in which by nature, our vehicle suffers the most.

Therefore, to avoid this suffering, improve road safety and prevent as much as possible. We propose 10 useful tips to take care of your car in summer. Both from the aesthetic point of view and its operation and the comfort and tranquility of the driver and passengers. You may also like: The best cars for parents

Car tips for summer

Car tips for summer

  1. Before making a vital displacement, make a small revision to your vehicle. If you have correctly followed the maintenance marked by the brand, it will be useful to do a level check (oil, coolant, windscreen wiper fluid, battery charge …). Check the tire pressure and adjust it to the level of load that our vehicle, and ensure the proper functioning of lights, indicators, steering and brake system.
  2. If your car has not been in the shop for a long time, we recommend that you go to your workshop before leaving on a trip, to update your car’s maintenance. Request your appointment at your nearest workshop.
  3. In case of undertaking a trip at the time of sunrise or sunset, or you are merely traveling at those times, keep the first moon as clean as possible. Optimal visibility is essential to drive safely.
  4. Try using the engine brake instead of the standard brake. An excess of the use of the curb, in combination with an outside temperature that is too high. It can reduce their effectiveness and even cause malfunctions.
  5. Pay attention to the temperature of the motor. If the indicator exceeds the red zone, it is better to make a stop on the road. Wait for it to go down and resume the journey, continue to circulate, and cause a significant breakdown.
  6. Try to park the car in shady places. Although this advice seems obvious, it has a critical background. Long exposure of the vehicle to extreme heat can cause us to reuse the vehicle to notify us of any electrical or electronic failure.
  7. If you can not park in the shade, use parasols. Try to protect the interior of that excessive heat that we talked about, as it can cause misalignments in the dashboard and door panels, which is often translated into the appearance of the famous and annoying “crickets” or creaks.
  8. Protect the steering wheel, and also the seats, if you have leather upholstery, to avoid burning when you use the car again.
  9. To protect the paint and its finish, try to wash the car with some frequency. And if you are a sybarite in the detailed, or want to keep your vehicle clean, apply wax with a UV absorber.
  10. Finally, after leaving the coast, it is advisable to carry out a complete wash, paying particular attention to the cleaning of the basses. It is where a higher amount of “nitrate” can be found — preventing remote but possible corrosion.

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Some extra tips

During the summer your car suffers more than usual. Follow these 6 tips and prepare it in the best way.

Car tips for summer

In addition to preparing your car for the summer, it is also essential to follow specific recommendations to drive comfortably.

Check the air conditioner:

Due to summer heat, we use air conditioning very often. Before arriving at the hottest days, review it so that it does not become an impediment during a trip.

Cooling system:

It controls the cooling of the motor, both the radiator and the circuit sleeves and their connections. If there is an escape of the coolant, the engine will heat, preventing its circulation. Check your level often to prevent this from happening.

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Parasol on the windshield:

Something as simple as placing a sunshade when parking the car can reduce the interior temperature by up to 10 degrees. This will allow you to reach the optimum temperature as soon as possible, using less air conditioning and therefore saving fuel. Also, with the sun visor, both the steering wheel and the front seats will not overheat.

Wheel pressure:

If during the summer you are going to make trips with a lot of loads, remember to increase the strength of the wheels as indicated by the manufacturer. If with the high summer temperatures, you circulate with the wheels with low weight, you will accelerate their deterioration, and they can even burst.

Always carry water:

Always remember to bring water in your car during the summer months. So both driver and occupants will be perfectly hydrated and can better withstand the heat. In the case of the driver, it will also delay the arrival of fatigue.

Wear comfortable clothes:

It seems obvious, but if you drive in the summer, try to bring warm and light shoes and clothes. Remember that it is forbidden to drive with flip flops. Also, it will be useful to have sunglasses to operate in the middle of the day.

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