redecorate the house

Redecorating the house is an objective that you can put into perspective with your own present by observing in this transformation a way to break the routine in the home space. Redecorating allows maintaining the main base of each room and adding, at the same time, new features that renewContinue Reading

organize the kitchen

The kitchen decoration pays special attention to the storage space to store the products of this room. Order is a goal that has emotional meaning. Beyond the aesthetic component, it adds harmony to the place, this information also connects with your mood. This objective of the order requires continuous monitoring.Continue Reading

How to remove paint from floor tiles

Following the renovation of one or more rooms of the house, or simply after having refreshed the walls, it can happen to find, especially in the bathroom, in the kitchen, but also on the floors, spots of paint to be removed from the tiles. To eliminate them successfully, it is necessary toContinue Reading