Homemade margherita pizza recipe: Easy and quickest way

One of the most common traditional pizzas is the homemade margarita pizza. We hear it in many places, and we see it in many restaurants. Homemade Margherita pizza recipe is an easy formula. I tried Samsa with chicken. It is also known as “Margherita” and is based on Neapolitan pizza dough, with only 6 ingredients to accompany it. These are the ones you will need to be able to do it.  Read More “Homemade margherita pizza recipe: Easy and quickest way”

Eat the best burgers in New York: Special places

Discover this interesting Guide to get to know the best burgers in New York. We have done an exhaustive search of places where the public scores with the highest score burgers with all their characteristics and we want to tell you. In this list, we include the most popular burgers, with an affordable price and with several places, so it is easier to taste them. Read More “Eat the best burgers in New York: Special places”

5 foods you should never refrigerate

The vast majority of foods, from fresh to cooked are susceptible to being frozen. However, in some cases, it is not at all advisable to keep them in this place for various reasons. Do you want to know what foods you should not store in the freezer? Here are 5 foods you should never refrigerate.

Freezing food is a common practice in our society for several reasons: The saving of food, the conservation of leftovers or dishes that are prepared in larger quantities than we are going to consume, the prolongation of fresh foods, etc…. However, many of them can lose flavor or texture and even give some problem with food safety. Read More “5 foods you should never refrigerate”

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