Lessons learned from the Fyre Festival

There are a few things that event organisers should never do. These include lying, break the law, waste money, not listen to advice and fail to communicate. However, that’s exactly what one event organiser did. Have you heard of the Fyre Festival?

The Fyre Festival was marketed as the most awesome music festival ever to take place. Located on a tropical island, featuring celebrities, top bands, the very best food and luxury accommodation. Except it never happened.

What did happen was festival goers got stranded, slept on wet mattresses, had nothing but stale bread, no phone reception and were surrounded by sharks in the water.

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The luxury event was due to take place at the end of April 2017 in the Bahamas. It was co-hosted by the rapper Ja Rule and the organiser Billy McFarland. It was promoted by celebrities and supposedly meticulously planned by McFarland, including the research, budgeting, marketing, security, catering, accommodation and legal requirements.

What resulted was six years in prison and eight lawsuits!

Thankfully, there is much to be learned about event organising from the debacle of the Fyre Festival. Always ensure you work with trusted professionals like an Events Agency Dublin such as https://davisevents.ie/

  1. Never lie

Honesty is always the best policy, unless you want a fraud conviction! McFarland lied in his marketing, broke contractual rules and claimed to be working with the Royal Bahamian Defence Force when he never was.

  1. Don’t break the law

The Fyre Festival quite rightly used social media to promote the event, even gaining the support of global influencers like Kendell Jenner and more than 400 other media celebrities. However, what they did wrong was not to disclose the fact that these promoters had been paid to do so. This got them in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

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  1. Don’t waste money

McFarland ignored investors when they advised him how much the event would cost. He blew $4 million he had secured from a fashion investor on buying offices in Manhattan. He received further investment, but this had to be paid back within 16 days. The lesson to be learned form this is to always research the cost of an event and budget accordingly.

  1. Listen to experienced advice

A veteran event organiser was hired by McFarland, who advised him to postpone the event or face disaster. Guess what? He ignored this advice. It was then suggested that luxury tents would be quicker to install than luxury villas. The lesson here? Listen to those who have greater experience and take that advice on board.

  1. Communicate effectively

As the event got nearer, the Fyre Festival had lost the accommodation, catering, health services and several of the music acts. The professional event planner advised that McFarland inform guests but despite agreeing to, he never did. Other staff members began suggesting a postponement, but McFarland wouldn’t listen and pushed ahead regardless.

  1. Admit mistakes

So far, McFarland and Ja Rule have never really apologised, instead stating that it wasn’t their fault. Most of the celebrities involved in promoting the event haven’t acknowledged their involvement either. It’s essential to always admit your mistakes, apologise and learn to do better.


Preventing destructive Forest fires.

We are quite lucky in this country because even though we have quite a few forests and arboretums due to our wet temperate climate it’s very unlikely that we would ever get a huge forest fire even after a long hot dry spell. Our trees retain a great degree of the moisture from the rain we get and the damp conditions that usually prevail. Having said that, with the ever changing nature of the climate of our world it can never be ruled out and the practice of Fire Safety Consultancy Bristol company is incredibly important. If you need some advice on such matters then why not have a look at http://keloscape.co.uk/areas-we-cover/fire-safety-consultancy-bristol/ for some in depth help. In the meantime let’s have a look at what can be done to prevent such disasters from occurring in the first place and how to stop them when they do.

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Fires are pretty much always started by people. In the area of wooded parkland this is almost certainly true as the sun itself will never reach the heat enough to cause a tree to catch fire but some human element such as glass left lying around magnifying the heat can. What, then, can be done?

First of all take responsibility for the care of the campsite. When setting up a fire, never leave it unattended and make sure that you have a supply of water, sand or earth to extinguish it straight away. Fire cannot exist when you remove one of its elements; these are Fuel, Air and Heat.  Water will remove the heat whereas sand will remove heat and air. The fire needs to be completely out before you sleep or leave the area, don’t forget to smother the embers afterwards, it just takes a wild breeze and they can carry up into the branches and set them off.

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Using gas or solid fuel units should be treated with extreme care the potential for a fire being caused is huge. Any spillage needs to be cleared up or doused with water to reduce the potency of the liquid. Again, the fire or cooking stove should never be left unattended when in use.

Smoking is not a good idea at any time, but in the tinder dry woods it can be fatal. IF you do smoke make sure that you fully extinguish the cigarette before leaving it.  If a fire does start call the emergency services immediately and know where your exit and evacuation points are at all times.

Choosing an antique fireplace

If you have your heart set on a beautiful antique fireplace, it can be quite a minefield to choose the perfect one for your home. Here are some considerations for your exciting search for one:

Which style do you prefer?

A fireplace acts as a focal point, it’s essential to find just the right style. There are many designs to choose from, such as wood, marble, neo-classical, decorative or stone. What would fit best with your décor or which one appeals to you the most? Do you need to find one from a specific era to fit in with the age of your home?


The clearest distinction is in the material it is made from. From a classical marble, a rustic wood or Gothic stone, the possibilities are varied. If you’re looking for something a bit different, you could consider a metal one.

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It’s important to know the width measurements of your chimney breast unless you’re installing one on a flat wall. Check the dimensions of the opening of the fireplace, of both the front and back as these can differ. It’s also helpful to have the measurements of your room, the ceiling height and consider how deep a mantelpiece you can comfortably live with.


Perhaps you have your heart set on a particular colour. There are as many varieties as there are material choices. Perhaps you dream of bright green or shades of pink, shiny gold, classy silver or dramatic black? The colour is important as it sets the tone for the remainder of the décor, so consider whether you’re blending it with wood, stone or marble. Size

Reproduction, antique or bespoke?

For many homeowners, finding a period fireplace is the most important aspect, to tie in with the history of the property. Whether this is an antique or a reproduction is down to individual preference. A bespoke fireplace is one that is specially made according to your design wishes. Find Antique Fireplaces Ireland at a reclamation yard. A stunning range of Antique Fireplaces Ireland can be seen at Wilson’s Yard.

An open or gas fire?

Whichever type of fire you choose, you’ll need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install it. If you desire an open fire, check which fuels you’re allowed to burn where you live. You should also hire a chimney sweep to check the condition of your flue. If your fireplace is purely for aesthetics and decorative purposes, consider how you fill the hole. This could be with a firescreen or grate.

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If you live in a listed building

You might require consent if you live in a listed building and intend to replace the fireplace. If your existing fireplace is stated in the listing schedule, detailing what is protected, you will definitely need consent before removing it. This is necessary even if the existing fireplace doesn’t match the period of the property and you wish to install one that does. This doesn’t mean that you cannot replace the fireplace, just that the process might take a little longer.





Sprint training ideas for footballers

Personal knowledge of football and being an athlete is not enough. Coaches who are serious about the future of their players use various resources to bring out the best in seasoned, novice and young players, especially during training.

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Not only do coaches strive to train the next Dominic Calvert-Lewin but also they encourage players to emulate their style, speed and agility. Everton’s Calvert-Lewin is currently the fastest sprinter in football – he was measured at a speed of 34.935km/h when Everton played Southampton in 2018.

Manchester City’s Kyle Walker is second with a speed of 34.845 km/h. Sprint training plays an integral part in football training drills, especially to build speed.

Coaches also incorporate tools that assist in developing mental skills in young players as part of training and realise how football training drills can help performance. Let’s take a look at three drills that incorporate sprints: https://www.ukcoaching.org/resources/guides/developing-young-players%E2%80%99-mental-skills.

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Change of direction speed ladder

This is one of the best football training drills to develop the ability to turn and run in an instant with super-fast feet. Lay a ladder down in the training area and set down a pair of cones ten yards from the end of the ladder, which will act as the finish line.

Allow the player to move laterally or backpedal through the ladder. Both must be drilled at different times but follow a pattern of two feet in and two feet out. When the player has moved through as fast as they can, they must explode into a sprint to the cones.

Push-up starts

The players start by lying face down with their palms near their shoulders, as in a push-up. On command, they must jump up and sprint as fast as possible to the pre-set finish. This should be a relatively short distance – anything between five and 30 meters.

When the players reach the finish line, allow them to jog back and immediately resume the push-up position again. Your aim should be an interval of no longer than 20 to 30 seconds. These repetitions can be completed eight times.

Interval sprints

These sprints are great in preparation for the stop and go nature of football. Perform 12 to 15 sprints for 50 to 60 feet with intervals of 10 to 15 seconds in-between.


Other uses for a bespoke carport

If you’re thinking of investing in a carport, it’s an excellent option for protecting your vehicles. Installing an oak carport is a quicker, simpler and more affordable choice than building a garage or extension. Did you know that you can still have a carport even if it’s not for parking vehicles under? The beauty of carports is that they have multiple uses!

The perfect canopy for outdoor activities

Spending time outdoors can be a little hit and miss in the UK as the weather is often changeable and unpredictable. An oak frame carport can be used as shelter for any activities you want to engage in outside, whether it’s a family gathering or a convenient place to enjoy hobbies. They can be customised to cover things like hot tubs, a patio, a pool or some decking.

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A carport is ideal for providing shelter from the elements, be that rain or direct sunshine in the summer. Sides can be added to the structure for extra privacy. For a Bespoke Oak Carport, visit www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk

Great spot for outdoor entertaining

Love having friends, family or neighbours over for barbecues or parties? Perhaps you prefer more intimate dinner soirees with close friends? A great deal of effort goes into hosting a get together, so why worry about being washed out or the weather scuppering your plans? A carport provides the perfect space for enjoying the outdoors regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. This way you can set up everything you need without the hassle of moving it all inside if the weather turns.


Perhaps you enjoy gardening but wish your plants had a bit more shelter from the elements? An oak frame structure can help to lengthen the gardening season, whether you wish to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers or succulents. If your garden has little in the way of shelter, this could be an inexpensive option for you to keep your gardening passion going for longer in the year.

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Animal shelters

Come rain or shine, a carport can provide much-needed relief for pets and animals, especially those kept outside. Barns are expensive to erect, so a carport can be a cost-effective way of providing that shelter for any animals, whether it’s cats, dogs, guinea pigs, goats or any other animals you care for. Keeping them out of the harsh summer sun, the autumn rain and the chill of winter, you can add sides to your carport to provide even more protection for your beloved pets.


Cardiac arrhythmias

Dysfunction of the conduction system of the heart can lead to conditions known broadly as arrhythmias. These can cause slow heart rate (bradycardia), fast heart rate (tachycardia), an early heartbeat (premature contraction) or irregular heart rate (flutter or fibrillation).

Sinus bradycardia is classified as a resting heart rate of less than 60 beats per minute in adults (although this can be seen as a normal finding during sleep and in very athletic individuals).

Sinus tachycardia is where the resting heart rate in an adult exceeds 100 beats per minute. Heart rate can often be raised above this during exercise and during periods of anxiety, but otherwise this may be a symptom of disease.

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There are many different types of cardiac arrhythmia. These are defined by where in the conduction system of the heart the problem arises, and if it causes a fast or slow irregularity.

Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), for example, is caused by abnormally rapid firing of impulses from the atria of the heart. The heart rate can be elevated for a few seconds or for many hours. Symptoms may include palpitations, light headedness, chest pains, or rarely loss of consciousness but this condition is rarely life threatening.

One of the most common arrhythmias is atrial fibrillation (AF). AF occurs when multiple places in the atria of the heart send out impulses in an uncoordinated way along with the usual impulses from the sinoatrial node. This creates the ‘fibrillation’ of the atria, which BHF note can cause symptoms such as palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness or tiredness. Atrial flutter is less common and may occur as well as atrial fibrillation.

Long QT syndrome is so named due to the prolonged ‘Q-T interval’ seen on an ECG. It is a channelopathy and is an inherited condition, but it can also be caused by certain prescription drugs. Because the consequences of this can be very serious (even fatal) it is essential to characterise the ability of a drug to cause prolongation of the Q-T interval. This can be achieved using thorough Q-T studies in the clinical trial stage of drug development. You could read more about this at https://www.richmondpharmacology.com/specialist-services/tqtThe typical symptoms of long QT syndrome are palpitations and blackouts, and episodes of irregular heart beat can be triggered by exercise, stress or even loud noises.

Wolff-Parkinson-white syndrome (WPW) can lead to dangerously rapid heart rhythms if left untreated. The cause of this is an abnormality in the conductivity between the atria and ventricles of the heart. In a normal heart the atrioventricular node (AV node) is responsible for delaying conduction between the upper and lower chambers, however in WPW there is a direct link between them. This can be treated by destroying the extra undesirable pathway.

These are just a few examples of condions which may result in conductivity problems in the finely balanced electrical system of the heart,

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Five more celebrity styles worth trying

As Coco Channel once said: “Fashion fades, only style is timeless”. These are wise words indeed.

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Although we may try to emulate this mantra, sometimes following the latest trends can conflict with our own sense of style. To avoid manically shopping for the latest celebrity dresses every season, we sometimes need a little timeless elegance in our wardrobes for when it feels like the fashion world has gone mad.

Let’s look at five more celebrities who put the ‘sic’ in ‘classic”.

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1. Marilyn Monroe

This goddess burst into our hearts with her seductive and iconic looks, usually featuring winged eyeliner and bold red lips. With a tiny waistline, it is no wonder Marilyn usually preferred a feminine silhouette.

2. Audrey Hepburn

With her funky, unique look, Audrey turned heads wherever she went with her cute pixie haircut and feminine gloves. Her switches between collared shirts and mini dresses made her a style icon worldwide.

3. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a huge fashion instigator, of course, and has donated aspects of her style to almost every fashion fad, proving her famous fashion statement true. Her style is an inspiration to many, with simplicity, elegance and femininity embodied in every outfit. For herself, Coco was a fan of black and white outfits with nautical inspirations and unusual stripes.

4. Princess Diana

Few members of royalty captured the world’s hearts quite like Princess Diana. Beloved for her kind and caring nature, Diana also made a name for herself in the fashion world by putting her own modern stamp on the royal dress code. As a fan of the wrap dresses accessorised with pearls, stone-embellished chokers and other statement pieces, we can certainly see a link between Diana and the more recent ‘people’s princess’, the Duchess of Cambridge.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is another actress who embodies the fashion forward-thinking of her alter ego, Rachel from Friends. Both Jennifer and Rachel always know how to put together an outfit. Jennifer’s most inspirational look features classic black dresses in a variety of styles, complemented by stunning accessories.


Create your own looks by browsing AX Paris celebrity dresses range and other fashion brands to find the right dress and let your personality shine through.

Remember that the best look is the one you love, regardless of what others are wearing!

Why the medical industry fears a no-deal Brexit

While the government has released a number of no-deal notices relating to the medical sector and what would happen in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 29th March, these notices are nowhere near as comprehensive as many in the industry had hoped for.

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In fact, not all areas covered by the sector have been included in the notices and the government has told the industry watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency that some information will not be available until much closer to – if not on the day of – Brexit itself. This has led to a number of questions in Parliament and the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock having to reassure MPs that, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, medicine will be prioritised over food.

Industry concerns

This has caused concerns amongst industry experts, who have said that this could lead to delays in medical trials and the registering of new, potentially life-saving, medications: guidance on the IT systems needed to do this won’t be released until just before Brexit and, even then, there’s no guarantee the government can deliver these systems in time.

These are concerns the sector has tried to address by being as proactive as possible, planning for numerous potential scenarios (including worse case) in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

This includes maintaining stocks of medications wherever possible, using medical refrigeration equipment such as that provided by https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/medical-refrigeration to ensure medicines are stored safely and patients’ lives aren’t at risk.

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Industry action

However, not every eventuality can be addressed given the lack of available information. As a result, there have been news reports of medicines being stockpiled, leading to increased prices for both prescription and over the counter drugs.

Because of the uncertainties, the sector is asking the government to consider the implications to the medical sector and to not pursue a no-deal Brexit. This includes some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world seeking clarification on legislation to allow them to continue to operate in the UK; there are significant risks to them if they continue to operate without clear legislative guidance on what is and is not allowed and it is not clear how many, if any, are willing to take this risk.

Interior Design Tips for Park Homes

Park homes, also known as mobile homes, combine style and functionality, and there are many different ways to create a beautiful interior. Some of the features of park homes designers must work around include rectangular rooms, small spaces, low ceilings and multifunctional rooms. However, the results can be stunning. Below we give some tips on how to transform your park home.

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Decorating Suggestions

1. Use a pale wall colour throughout the home to create cohesiveness and open up the space.

2. Make your furniture work doubly hard – benches with storage, stools as tables.

3. Use spare space for storage.

4. Use glossy white paint to do the ceilings: the reflecting light will make them appear taller.

5. Mirrors make spaces appear larger and ceilings taller.

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6. Make the most of your home’s vertical space. Stacking washers and dryers takes up less room.

7. Focus on detail. In small areas, every small detail counts. Accents can pull a space together and quickly update a room.

8. Bring the living space outdoors – patios, decks and porches are ideal. Take advantage of them.

9. Control clutter. If it is manageable, there is less to clean or store. Aim to donate a unwanted item for every new one you bring into your home.

10. Use pattern and texture. Many designers favour this method, which can work wonders for your home.

11. Hang artwork higher up on the wall to make your ceilings look higher. Full-length curtains also work.

If you are looking for park homes for sale in Gloucestershire, consider firms such as http://www.parkhomelife.com/.

Some more design suggestions are here: https://www.sellmygroup.co.uk/blog/10-simple-but-effective-interior-design-tips-for-your-park-home/.

12. Rectangular windows, also called transom windows, let in plenty of light into the bedroom while keeping a sense of privacy.

13. Use furniture on a moderate scale. You don’t want furniture to be too big or small, but don’t be afraid of having one or two functional large pieces.

14. Park homes are rectangular in shape, so put curvy and circular pieces around the home. This breaks up the straight lines.

15. Put together cosy, intimate seating areas.

16. Turn bookshelves into room dividers.

17. Forget about the advice, rules and tips. While you can consider them, at the end of the day it’s your space – put your stamp on it!

What are the symptoms of a carbon monoxide leak?

You can’t see it, smell it or taste it, but carbon monoxide is poisonous and is a risk for any home fitted with a fireplace, stove, gas range, furnace or boiler. When it builds up in the atmosphere due to inadequate ventilation or servicing, its presence is rarely detected until it’s too late.

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The silent killer

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A report in the Telegraph noted that carbon monoxide is responsible for around 50 deaths every year in the UK, with as many as 4,000 people requiring medical attention following exposure to the gas.

Many people experiencing the initial effects of carbon monoxide poisoning wrongly attribute the symptoms to the flu. Since moving out of the affected area results in a reduction of symptoms, sufferers can presume that they are just experiencing bouts of a virus, failing to acknowledge that it might be caused by a faulty appliance within their own home.

Symptoms to watch out for

Any flu-like symptoms should trigger a warning to consider carbon monoxide poisoning as a potential problem. The most commonly-reported symptom include:

– headache
– weakness
– nausea
– chest pains
– dizziness
– upset stomach

Left untreated, the sufferer will eventually fall into unconsciousness and stop breathing, so early detection is absolutely crucial.

How to avoid the problem

Regular servicing of boilers, cookers and ranges is essential in preventing the release and spread of this highly toxic gas, but it’s not just attending to the regular maintenance of your boiler that keeps you and your family safe. Always making sure that you employ gas engineers with the appropriate qualifications gives you absolute peace of mind that the work has been correctly and safely carried out in the first place. For example, although specialising in boiler installation Gloucester company http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-installation-gloucester/ also carries out servicing works and proudly displays its industry and safety certificates across its website. This is a clear indication to potential customers that the company operates within defined safety parameters, guaranteeing a high standard of workmanship.

Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors fitted as a matter of course. It’s easy to source combined smoke and carbon monoxide detection units, which could literally save your life. Test them every month to make sure that they are working correctly, and fit new batteries once a year.

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