How to create info products

Infoproducts are educational products made by professionals in an area, it is also known as a digital product. Because it is offered in the online presentation, currently it represents an excellent option to earn income on the web, but how to create info products?

The OKR means Objectives and Key Results, a framework used to create alignment on the objectives and results to be achieved, both at company and team level, up to the individual. Today, many companies, including Google, Spotify, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, to name a few, use this framework as part ofContinue Reading

marketing and sales objectives

The marketing and sales objectives are the same and aligned can generate excellent results for companies. Marketing and sales are equally responsible for the revenues of a company, however, many still make the mistake of treating these two areas as independent departments, or even as enemies.

How to write a perfect cover letter

There is no agreement on what part of the job application process – creating contact networks, doing a resume or doing a perfect interview – is the most exasperating. Adding cover letters to this combination does not help you whole, but knowing how to write a perfect cover letter willContinue Reading