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In a survey taken 84 percent of private rental tenants are satisfied with their housing

Facts and figures

Despite regular press reports to the contrary, recent research has shown that 84 percent of private rental tenants are satisfied with their accommodation and 72 per cent are satisfied with the maintenance carried out by or on behalf of their landlord.  I’m sure if the property needed roofing repairs or a replacement and the landlord hired a Roofer business to do this for them it would mean 100 percent of their tenants would be satisfied.

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Residential Landlords Association

With the rental market growing rapidly over recent years, it’s predicted that by 2020, private rented property could make up around 20% of UK homes. It’s because of this that landlords want to ensure that their reputation is correctly represented, as this is essential to their business. That’s why The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) believes that the government needs to publicly acknowledge the good practice amongst landlords working in the private rental sector and help to dispel some of the widely believed myths involving rogue landlords.

Renting not buying

Millennials in their twenties and thirties are turning their backs on crippling mortgages and years of saving for a deposit and instead, they’re opting to rent their home, giving them more flexibility and less financial worry.  Not all millennials want to buy whether they live in Derby or Nottingham and wouldn’t therefore need the service and support of nearby Home Buyers Survey Nottingham based Sam Conveyancing to help them.


Tenants often expect white goods such as washing machines and fridge-freezers to be included in rental properties, and will opt for furnished or unfurnished depending on personal choice and circumstance. Landlords offering furnished properties should consider investing in Property Inventory Software, to keep track of what has been provided with the property.

Good practice

Stories suggesting private landlords are greedy and lazy, and treat their tenants unfairly are having an adverse effect on the industry as a whole and while there are inevitably examples of bad practice in the sector, these are few and far between compared with the vast number of good landlords who are professional, helpful and keen to ensure that their tenants are happy in their homes.

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By supporting the industry, the government will be encouraging good practice, setting an expected standard and giving tenants confidence in the market. This will also help develop good relations between landlords and their tenants and encourage a mutually beneficial and trusting partnership, resulting in tenants who respect the property they are renting and pay their rent on time and landlords who provide a good standard of accommodation for tenants and their families.



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