Palladium is a rare silver-white metal that belongs to the group of platinum metals. This group includes osmium, rhodium, and iridium. Palladium is the least dense and the softest member of the group, having the lowest melting point. In the world of investment, Palladium may be a fledgling metal, butContinue Reading

Knife Collection

Knives are one of man’s most useful tools. Thus, their forms have diversified into entire categories of uses: cooking, weaponry, tactical, hunting, ceremonial, and so on. Many people find knife collecting a worthwhile hobby. If you are interested in collecting knives, here are some points to consider before you beginContinue Reading

I don’t know the answer, yet,  but I’m certainly glad that they did invent it because cutting the grass is a nightmare without one. Manually cutting grass by the swinging of a scythe, a notoriously tricky instrument to use at the best of times. The lawn mower was invented inContinue Reading

Uses of denatured alcohol

The health crisis that has erupted in recent weeks across the planet, beginning in China, due to the coronavirus has accelerated the sale of disinfectant and cleaning products to maintain the best possible hygiene for hands and homes. The first thing is to avoid contact with other people, butthe eliminationContinue Reading

Population pressure, industrial activity and government policy have bequeathed future generations with menacing soil pollution problems. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, 90% of the world’s food-producing soils will be impaired or completely unusable by 2050. The main reason is salination caused by intensive use of fertilisers andContinue Reading