California is a special place. It has it all: desert, ocean, mountains, beaches, hot weather, and even cold weather. There are some amazing places you could call home if you want to move there, but there are some less desirable places as well. You wouldn’t want to live in aContinue Reading

Technology can help to improve the service of dental practices and also specialist in the dental field such as Cardiff Orthodontic businesses like,  in a number of ways, including enhancing the level of patient communication. It could amount to simply increasing the number of phone lines so that callsContinue Reading

In this day and age, the buildings and streets of concrete are as commonplace as the birds in the sky. Concrete is the main component of our towns and cities, but believe it or not, there are many different types of concrete. Before looking at the different types, what actuallyContinue Reading

At this point in time, it might be fair to say that “Peak Beard” – the period during which the resurgence in popularity of beards and facial hair is at its most pronounced – has been greatly overestimated in terms of the timeliness of its arrival. Image Credit With PeakContinue Reading

One of the things that Ernest Shackleton could not be accused off was “feeling the cold”. The man dedicated his life to the pursuit of exploring, and trying to reach the South Pole. Maybe he had an overriding urge to be truly upside down or something. Nevertheless, we cannot faultContinue Reading