How to create a warm and cosy Scandi feel in your home

Importing interior design ideas from foreign shores is nothing new to British homes. In recent years, for example, we’ve seen an American retro diner vibe running through our house styling, and before that, we saw French country installations. One of the more enduring trends, though, has been Scandinavian cool, a design ideal which emphasises simplicity, function and the cleanest of lines. The warmth and cosy feel that is produced by this design feel is further enhance in the colder months when your heating adds an extra element of heat. It is important that whilst we are in the warmer summer time that you think about utilising the service of a  Boiler Installation Forest Of Dean company if you are looking to upgrade your system at the same time as redecorating. Green Planet Heating provide boiler installation in the forest of dean and can help with any queries you have about the best boiler system for your home and family requirements.

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Solid and Unfussy

As an article in the Guardian once put it, there is something solid and unpretentious about Scandinavian design. The distaste for the overblown and excessive is palpable. But how do you go about recreating the Nordic effect in your own home?

Walls and Soft Furnishings

Colours are subdued, with soft creams, cool greys, light blues and beiges being preferred to louder, more jarring shades. Textures, however, are more varied. Wood cladding, for instance, will frequently be fitted on to walls. Hessians, canvases and high-quality cottons are often used for soft furnishings, again in muted hues wherever possible. This approach to home styling sounds austere – to say the least – but the real point is that Scandinavians dislike dissonance, and any splashes of bright primary colour found in their home will be expertly judged to complement rather than contrast.


Comfort and function are the watchwords when it comes to choosing furniture for the Scandinavian residence. Clean lines, practicality and comfort are inherent in the design of settees, chairs, beds and storage units, whether you are looking at furnishings available from Denmark’s Muuto, Sweden’s Spring or even IKEA. Furnishings and appliances from this part of the world are renowned for durability and quality – think, for example, of Bang & Olufsen – and they don’t come cheap.

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Wall-to-wall carpeting has never really been embraced by Scandinavians, who much prefer hard – preferably wood – floors. If you opt to stick with carpeting, it goes without saying that you should stick to neutral shades. Should you decide to go for strict authenticity, though, it’s now relatively easy to source wood flooring.


Nordic gardens are chiefly characterised by their tidiness and symmetry. The random frivolity (and indeed eccentricity) of the English garden is seldom replicated in Scandinavian properties. Buildings and furniture selections follow the same principles of design as we’ve seen elsewhere in the home: simplicity, functionality and balance.


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Keeping road workers safe

The road and motorway network in Britain include some of the busiest in the world. Thankfully, they are also among the safest and figures show that casualties on the roads are at a 40-year low. On a more negative note, injuries to UK road workers have increased.

Today’s roads are extremely congested which makes a live carriageway of any road a dangerous and hazardous place to be working. In fact, a study by the Oxford University found that road maintenance is the 16th most dangerous profession in the UK. Most of the fatalities that do occur are the result of a worker being hit by oncoming vehicles on motorways and major trunk roads. Drivers have little excuse as the vehicles of road workers are bedecked with reflective chevrons and are highly visible. For more information on Chevron Kits, visit Vehicle Chevrons

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The HTMA or Highways Term Maintenance Association works to be a strong voice in highways term management and maintenance, sharing knowledge, developing best practice and improving standards whilst influencing government policy for the continuing safety of road workers. The association was launched in 2005 and one of their goals is zero injuries and zero fatalities for road workers.

Their long-term goals for improving safety include:

  • Better designs for maintenance and operation which also provide cost-savings, less congestion and less intervention.
  • Reducing the exposure of workers to live traffic conditions.
  • Highlighting the importance of road worker safety, raising awareness and educating the public on road worker safety issues.
  • Improving road user’s awareness and behaviour through education.

Working alongside live traffic is a dangerous place to be. Road workers could be carrying out the following tasks:

  • Gritting roads in winter
  • Emergency repairs after an accident
  • Repairing fences, upgrading road markings or fixing barriers
  • Fixing or resurfacing the road surface
  • Building a new carriageway
  • Cutting the grass on central reservations or junctions
  • Maintaining drainage systems
  • Clearing litter off the carriageway
  • Replacing bulbs in street lighting

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As well as oncoming traffic posing a threat, driver behaviour is increasingly becoming a cause for concern. Abuse is often hurled at road workers by frustrated drivers. The HTMA works tirelessly to raise awareness of the importance work carried out by road workers and encouraging the public to change their perception and behaviour.

Shockingly, a 2007 survey by the RAC found that:

80% of workers had experienced verbal and/or physical abuse from drivers

40% had experienced such abuse either daily or weekly

The abuse took the form of having items thrown at them, being verbally abused and injuries caused by vehicles themselves. The most worrying issue is the sheer speed at which drivers travel through roadworks. This speed results in many near misses and sadly, collisions. Motorists ignore speed restrictions and leave workers extremely vulnerable.

Campaigns in the past have focused on respecting road workers, demonstrating the risks they face and to remind motorists to take additional care when driving through roadworks.

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How to help prevent a home flood

Flooding is a very damaging and upsetting event that sadly affects thousands of homes every year. The damage can take years and a huge amount of money to rectify; in addition, some precious family possessions, such as photographs, can never be replaced.

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According to the Environment Agency, over £6bn has been spent on flood and coastal erosion projects in the UK; however, with more extreme weather likely to occur, the risk of flooding has not been removed. Floods can also occur inside the home as a result of burst pipes, which can also cause significant damage. If you know your at risk of flooding you could keep alot of your valuable items high off the ground in a sealed locked garage on top of Garage Shelving with sites similar to

Here are some things you can do to try to prevent your home being flooded.

Protect electrical sockets and fittings

We all know that water and electricity do not mix, which means you may be without electricity for several days whilst it dries out and is made safe. If you move switches, circuit breakers and sockets to a least a foot above any expected flood level, you can avoid this problem. It won’t stop your home from flooding, but it will limit the damage.

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Modify your water valves

The most serious damage is sometimes not caused by the flood water itself but by the sewage that pours out of drains and toilets as the sewerage system of your neighbourhood is overwhelmed. If you have to call out a plumber in a flood situation, it may be too late for them to do anything about this.

The best plan is to call them out earlier and ask them whether you can have interior or exterior backflow valves fitted to your drainage system. One type is a gate valve, which provides a strong seal if water tries to flow the wrong way through your drains.

Landscape the exterior of your property

If your garden or yard slopes downwards towards your house, floodwater will quickly run towards your home and flood it. If you can landscape your outside space so that the slope is graded away from your home, this could protect you from flooding. Take some time to observe how water flows around your garden during a rainstorm, as this will give you some idea of how you could direct the flow of water away from your house.

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From Margherita to Hawaiian, everyone has a favourite pizza. Even with such a huge range available everywhere we look, there will always be that one that will be picked above all others, by both adults and children alike. Even the base has got involved in the favouritism stakes. Thin and crispy, stone baked, deep pan, some establishments will merely have their own standard base. But you can almost guarantee that, again, everyone has a preference. Read More “Would You Try These Strange Pizza Creations?”

All about Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost upon us again, but what is it and why does it exist? Father’s Day is an occasion for celebrating fathers and grandfathers, stepfathers and other paternal relationships and their positive influence in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, but this is quite a recent tradition. The traditional date in Catholic Europe used to be March 15th and had been since the Middle Ages. The American date in June was adopted not long after the Second World War.

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A typical Father’s Day normally involves sons and daughters spending time with their paternal family members, visiting them and giving a card and/or gift or taking them out for a meal, as a way to say thanks for all they do. Shops make a lot of effort to advertise gifts for this occasion, just as they do for Mother’s Day. Popular gift ideas include socks, ties, gardening tools, food hampers, luxury items, alcohol or slippers. Why not make an extra special effort this year with some designer clothing? Consider a Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt from

Many of the more common gifts for Father’s Day have familiar slogans like ‘World’s Best Dad’ or ‘Top Dad’ and personalised gifts have become very popular recently, partly due to the cheap process of print services. Now you can buy t-shirts, coasters, mugs, calendars, mouse mats and ties with photos of family members on them. The idea being that dad can take these items to work with him and have a loving reminder of his kids every day! A more traditional idea occurs in the weeks leading up to Father’s Day, when children at school, playgroup and community groups spend time crafting handmade cards and gifts for their dads.

Families often celebrate together by going out for the day to somewhere that interests dad, going to a restaurant for a nice meal or having a weekend break away somewhere. This is sometimes organised just for the male members of the family and can be a wonderful time for bonding and memory-making.

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Where does Father’s Day come from?

Many believe that the origins of the celebration are rooted in pagan sun worship. In the ancient religion of paganism, the sun was seen as the father to the entire universe. As Father’s Day sits so close to the summer solstice, it is often thought to be linked.

However, in recent times, the idea of Father’s Day that we recognise originates from the United States. Sonora Smart Dodd, an American woman took her inspiration from Mother’s Day and wanted to plan a similar day just for fathers. The date of the third Sunday in June has been used for the day since June 1910. The same date was adopted in the UK, unlike Mother’s Day, which is still celebrated on different dates between the two nations and has a very different history.




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