What to see in Singapore and what to do in the “Lion City”?

Singapore, a country under 50 years old that has become one of the richest in the world.  This article is all about what to see in Singapore and what to do in the “Lion City”.

If you travel through Southeast Asia you will find that most of the countries share several things: a lot of chaotic traffic, except in very tourist areas, you find garbage in the streets and although in the progressive development, the infrastructures are not very modern. Read More “What to see in Singapore and what to do in the “Lion City”?”

How to choose the perfect photos for your wedding album

Firstly, your wedding album will something you treasure for the rest of your life, so you’ll want to take your time choosing the images and make it an enjoyable experience, shared over a glass of wine rather than stressed over.

When thinking about which photos to choose, it’s a good idea to pick a balance from different sections of the day or you’ll end up with an uneven spread that’s not representative of the day. A spread of favourite images from across the board means you won’t end up with too many from the start or end of the proceedings and your album will flow better.

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Focus on the photo must-haves and not the should-haves. This is your album and such you must be guided by what you really want and not what you feel you should include. Your album should be full of your favourites. If family and friends love other images, then consider providing them on a USB or framing them as a gift but keep your private album only for the photos you love.

Try to choose a good variety of images as these will be more interesting to look back on and show different aspects of your day. Try to avoid too much repetition in the album and if you simply cannot choose between similar images, leave them to your photographer to select the best ones.

Remember to include shots that show off your venue in the background, especially if you choose a particularly unique or picturesque setting like a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire. For a country house wedding in beautiful grounds, consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire.

Make your choices as soon as possible after the big day rather than putting it off as the more time that passes, the harder it will be to choose those favourite images. Choose the pictures you want while the events are still fresh in your mind.

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A nice idea to consider is having mini replica photo albums to gift to both sets of parents. It’s a beautiful keepsake of precious memories and make a great idea for Christmas gifts or a simple Thank You gift for all their help with the wedding.

Don’t forget to display your wedding album somewhere it can be fully enjoyed. Good ideas include a bookshelf in the living room or in a drawer or on top of your coffee table. This means you’ll be more tempted to flip through regularly and can also show it off to guests when they visit.


Why small businesses need a website? 8 reasons

The problem is that 35% of microenterprises are not connected to the Internet, according to some studies. In the case of the self-employed, the percentage is worse. The reasons behind this fact are usually the same: the budget and time, or both. Find the ideal web creation platform to create your website and show your company to the World. Read More “Why small businesses need a website? 8 reasons”

Are you ready for the end of Windows and SQL Server 2008 support?

As Microsoft announced, in July 2,019 will stop offering official support for SQL Server 2008 and 6 months later, in January 2,020 it is the turn of Windows Server 2008. If you are still using these versions of these tools in your company, do not panic! Next, let’s see what you can do about it. Read More “Are you ready for the end of Windows and SQL Server 2008 support?”

Know the foot reflexology benefits and much more!

Looking for more information on foot reflexology benefits? Did you know that by touching a specific point on your sole, you can treat from a bad digestion to back pain? There are so many nerve endings in our soles that can produce the reflex effect from the ovaries to the brain.

The foot reflexology is the therapy in charge of treating the ailments of several points of the body touching a specific place in the foot. Read More “Know the foot reflexology benefits and much more!”

Having a gym at home

When it comes to keeping fit and going to your local gymit can become a bit of a hassle thinking about having to travel there each day and it seems to take more and more time out of your day. One way to enjoy our daily gym work out without having to leave the confines of your home is to convert your home garage into a gym. Now you will want to make sure that you have a fully functioning garage and so if your need any Garage Door Repair work complete you should get this done along with decorating and insulating your garage before you start buying gym equipment.

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One of the benefits of having a gym in your garage is that you don’t need to worry about expensive gym fees. Once you have bought all of the equipment you need you can set about your daily workouts in the comfort of your own home. The other benefit is that you can fill your home gym with only the equipment that you need and will use. There is no point taking the time to travel to a gym if you don’t use half of the equipment.

Some of the equipment pieces that you may want to think about included:

  • A crosstrainer – if you like the idea of a treadmill and a static bike and can’t decide between the two or perhaps you have had a knee injury in the past, a crosstrainer may be the perfect piece of equipment for you. It puts less pressure on your knee and ankle joints whilst still giving you a great work out.
  • Treadmill – you can buy many different treadmills and they can be great for those who are thinking of starting out on a workout regime as you can set the pace at a slow walk to start off with and then gradually increase your speed as your fitness levels and stamina increase.
  • Static bike – similarly to treadmills these are great for both those starting out in fitness and the seasoned gym goer.
  • Weights – don’t over do it with the weight. Some different weighted dumbbells and perhaps a kettlebell or two of differing weights. Again it is important that you start off with the lower weights and work your way up as your strength and fitness increases.

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One of the best ways that you can decide which equipment is best for you is to either talk to your GP or a personal trainer and let them know what your fitness goals are.

From budget to blow out – different ways to enjoy a grand prix event

The grand prix in Monaco is definitely one of the more opulent attractions for the country. It is considered one of the most prestigious sporting events in Europe and perhaps even the world. It comes with the reputation of being quite expensive, but there are different ways to enjoy the event.

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The Monaco Grand Prix normally takes place around the same time in May. Here are some quick tips on different ways you can enjoy the grand prix event.

Budget on race day

You can either do race day in the F1 Paddock Club Monaco or on a budget. Either way, you are bound to have a great time. The real thrill of the race is how the cars swerve around the beautiful locations around the city. These locations are all easy to visit and you can get a glimpse of the action on race day in addition to taking part in all the festivity that surrounds the event. Save yourself a lot of money by going sightseeing before or after the race whilst still participating in the race itself.

If you want to make the most of your day at this grand prix, you may want to book yourself into the F1 Paddock Club Monaco. If you are wondering what is the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, it is the most exclusive F1 ticket you can buy.

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Do your research

Research your flights and train routes to find your best option to get to the grand prix. The traffic on race day is normally horrendous, so make sure to plan accordingly if you are going to do it VIP-style.

If you do the right research, you should be able to find some good budget deals on your travel. Finding where to stay is also important. During the grand prix, the prices will soar at the local hotels; therefore, it is recommended that you stay outside the city and travel in if you are on a tighter budget. Rooms in the heart of Monte Carlo are around £1,000 or more, with the stars flooding in on their rented yachts to fill the harbour for the event.

No matter how you choose to enjoy this year’s grand prix, nothing will stop it from being an incredible event.


The best smart radiator valves of 2019

Smart heating is a big buzzword, and it’s easy to see why. The new breed of smart valves puts controllable heating at your fingertips so you can heat room by room just by using an app on your phone.

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Using smart radiator valves not only lets you zone your heating; it also increases energy efficiency and reduces costs. Functioning with a home hub, these cool gadgets make controlling your heating a breeze. Just fit and link to the home hub for remote heating control of each radiator. Make sure that you review the other smart kit available from the same manufacturer if you intend to go further than just automating your heating.

Devolo Home Control Radiator Thermostat

If you’re looking for a good-looking and intuitive smart valve that you can install yourself and that looks great with any style of heating from convector to column radiators, look no further than the Devolo thermostat.

This takes just minutes to install and lets you control your heating room by room so you don’t waste money and energy heating rooms that aren’t in use. You will need a smart thermostat to turn your boiler on and off, however. The minimal styling makes it very streamlined with the latest column styles, and you can visit Apollo for a selection of column radiators that this smart valve would look great with.

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Devolo supply a great range of smart home accessories, but there is a downside: the mobile app isn’t as intuitive as you might like. However, the full website more than makes up for it.

Elgato Eve Thermo

This is another streamlined module, but it lacks some of the features that we’ve seen in cheaper valves. For example, there’s no visual display like the Devolo.

The Thermo is targeted at iPhone users. There is full Apple TV integration, but the app isn’t wonderful. Even though this integrates with your Apple devices, it won’t work with most smart thermostats.

Lightwave Smart Radiator Valve

It’s not the prettiest solution as this requires the Lightwave Home Hub to work, but if you’re already invested in their smart switch ecosystem, that won’t be a big deal. The app isn’t the most intuitive, but with full Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, voice commands are the way to go.


How is the lactose intolerance test?

As a nutritionist, in my years as a student, the mechanism of food intolerances was hardly known in depth. Nowadays, after advances in medicine and nutrition, more and more cases of intolerance to certain foods and nutrients are being detected that previously was confused with other types of ailments. The lactose intolerance is one of the most common, although there is still a lot of research to facilitate its control and treatment. The first step to avoid the so annoying symptoms that cause the lactose intolerance is to make the so-called lactose intolerance test. Read More “How is the lactose intolerance test?”

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